Filmmaker Success 90 Day Program

Create a Successful Film that Changes the World AND Makes Money!

Filmmaker Success 90 Day Program​

PROMISE: Create a Successful Film that Changes the World AND Makes Money!

Our 90-Day Program is tailored to the individual needs of each client, regardless of experience with fundraising or history of distribution.  Whether you are "Just Getting Started" or "Looking for Money" or "Ready for the World Stage," our experienced business coach, Joanne Butcher, will create the individualized program you need to get your film completed and distributed successfully!


  • Learn how the film industry actually works (not how you wish it worked)
  • Write your script and make your film
  • Develop marketing materials that communicate a cogent business plan
  • Navigate a fundraising campaign and demystify the process of financing a film
  • Receive personal mentorship through the fundraising process for your film
  • Build a network of the people you actually need to succeed
  • Get distribution for your film
  • Take your career to the next level by securing major donors and corporate sponsorships


“Joanne is AMAZING!  She’s the Filmmaker Whisperer!”​

Lonnie Frazier - San Francisco, California

“Joanne Butcher is someone who I now consider to be family because she has heard all my most intimate thoughts and my most intimate fears.  She has guided me to an empowered place, not just as a creative, but also a business person too. I’m from a small island and Joanne has helped me find my way in the global community”

Jared Prima - Trinidad and Tobago

“When I began working with Joanne 18 months ago-- seven years into my film career-- I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it as an independent filmmaker. Years of under-earning and a lack of any real business plan had shattered my confidence and kept me looping in a place of fear. Joanne challenged my belief that it's "all about story" and that every independent film is a massive boulder to push uphill. 


She helped me understand the market, get smarter about my finances, trust my skills, and find my voice. It's been a long road, but my work and life is vibrating at a higher level now than ever before. I am so grateful to Joanne for helping me get there.”

Amy Marquis - Boulder, Colorado

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