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Being a Filmmaker Can Be Tough


As a filmmaker, you have important stories to tell.  You have the power to touch hearts and awaken minds to new possibilities. 


But if you're like most Filmmakers I've worked with, you could spend YEARS trying to get other people interested in your work.  You struggle raising the funds to finance your film and end up feeling as though your work isn't good enough. 


By not getting the distribution your film needs, your important message is not heard.


Maybe you're struggling with these...

  • “I’ve made several shorts now, and making a feature seems so impossible” 


  • “I want to make a feature film, but have no idea where to get the money”


  • “Will my script ever actually get produced into a film?”


  • “How do I find people to help me produce my film?” 





That’s where I come in…



I've been helping filmmakers who are struggling with finding the money to make their films for over 30 years.   You will go from wondering “What do I do next?” to confidently sharing “My feature film will be in distribution this time next year.”






Just Getting Started?

Have an awesome idea for a film that could make a big impact and change the world?

Learn how to write the script or short film, raise the money & make your film  


Demystify the Industry and learn how to get into festivals and find distribution.

Looking for Money?

Whether you've produced lots of shorts and not your first feature or you have a feature ready to go, STOP giving up your power looking for Producers and Investors. 


Raise the funds and make your 1st feature, get distribution and get your film SOLD before you even start writing it! 


Ready For the World Stage?

If you're an Advanced Filmmaker/ Fundraiser and been making films for years, now is YOUR time to GO PRO! 


Go from a Mom & Pop Shop to a Fundraising Machine!


Finding investors, fundraising, grant writing, corporate sponsorships, major donors, etc 


Filmmaker Success believes that the voices of the marginalized need to be heard through film.  Diversity is our strength.  Horror movies reflect systemic trauma.  Thrillers can be microcosms of systemic tension.  We believe that Black Lives Matter; No Human Is Illegal; Love is Love; One's Gender Identity Is To Be Honored; Women's Rights Are Human Rights; Native Land is Sacred; and Science Is Real!

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